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San Sebastian del Oeste

Buried deep in the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains, San Sebastian's remote setting has made it one of Mexico's last remaining secrets. While this tiny mountain enclave (elevation 4500 ft) isn't far from Puerto Vallarta, it's still a world away from the usual tourist haunts.

Just 90 minutes distance from Puerto Vallarta, the drive flies by as we wind our way through impressive mountain scenery. From the comfy atmosphere of our air conditioned van, you'll see everyday scenes of rural life and some of the most breathtaking views Mexico has to offer

Originally settled in 1605, this secluded 17th century mining town reached its peak of prosperity in the 1700s, when over 30,000 people inhabited the area. Over the years, the town's population fluctuated wildly as gold and silver were mined intermittently between the 1600's and the 1930's.

Although those gold rush years are long gone and settlers have since moved on, this beautiful mountain village of just 600 residents has kept its true colonial heritage. A shining example of an ancient Mexican village and well known for its corn and cattle trade, San Sebastian is now cultivating coffee and agave in its lush mountainsides.

With its charming cobblestone plaza, elegant snow-white buildings, classic Porfirian bandstand, an 18th century church dedicated to San Sebastián and a wealth of 18th century Haciendas, you'll enjoy a privileged glimpse into colonial Mexico, untouched by time.

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