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We have gather a group of companies dedicated to offer quality services and best value, a full menú of the very best tours in Puerto Vallarta: Extreme Adventure, Outdoor Adventure, San Sebastian,  Hidden Mexico, Off Road Adventure, Canopy Zip Lines, ATV Jungle Tours, Dune Bugyy, Bird Watching, Turtle Camp, Crocodile Camp, Botanical Garden, Ski Diving, Horseback Riding, City Tour and Jungle Tour with the most recognized companies in Puerto Vallarta: Vallarta Adventures,

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  • offroad adventure litibu

    offroad adventure litibu

    99.00 US

    The Offroad Adventure is the ideal way to get off the beaten path and explore the real Mexico. Never shy to celebrate the wealth of natural resources and raw, breathtaking scenery of this area - we'll escort you by Unimog into the remote and...

  • hidden mexico

    hidden mexico

    109.00 US

    This tour of Puerto Vallarta's southern region takes you from the palms to the pines. At an elevation of more than 2,000 feet, you will visit the 16th century village of El Tuito and soak in its rich history and cooler mountain air. You'll vis

  • extreme adventure

    extreme adventure

    119.00 US

    Some say less is more - we disagree!! More is more fun when it comes to adventure, and this tour offers the most activities packed into one fun-filled day of adventure. Enjoy thrilling rides on a series of zip lines, including Mexico's longest and..

  • Outdoor adventure by boat

    Outdoor adventure by boat

    119.00 US

    For all you thrill seekers, experiencing our Outdoor Adventure is an absolute must. An ecological rollercoaster ride fully loaded with excitement, challenges, and non-stop fun. This exciting eco-tour brings out the wide-eyed child in all of us. With...

  • San Sebastian

    San Sebastian

    92.00 US

    Buried deep in the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains, San Sebastian's remote setting has made it one of Mexico's last remaining secrets. While this tiny mountain enclave (elevation 4500 ft) isn't far from Puerto Vallarta, it's st

  • canopy zip line

    canopy zip line

    79.00 US

    Canopy zip line Tours are Puerto Vallarta’s most popular adventure tour offering an action packed day that combines the thrill of the canopy tour with the tranquility of a beautiful river and mountain valley