Scuba & Snorkel Marietas Islands


Scuba & Snorkel Marietas Islands


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Marietas Islands are located in the mouth of Bandera’s Bay at 22 nautical miles west of Puerto Vallarta, and the reef is so extensive that one could spend a full week of diving and not be able to enjoy the entire underwater world of the islands. It must be mentioned that Jacques Yves Cousteau chronicled the islands because of the variation of impressive life. The reef depth ranges from 15 - 90 feet.

This tour is available to certified divers but not available to divers who have not been diving in the past 12 months, each dive is limited to 45 minutes, snorkeling is limited to 60 minutes

A continental breakkfast, great lunch, open bar, all equipment, kayaks, boat ride around the islands included

Marietas holds a number of cleaning stations were mantas spend hours hovering on top, this is the place to encounter the Great Pacific Manta and chances are better than good.

Marietas Islands will prove to be a memorable experience you will cherish and keep as a souvenir to take back home.

There are 3 spectacular swim through tunnels in this site and you will be able to enjoy this dive if weather permitting, this site is located in LA REDONDA and is totally protected from the oceanic currents, the numbers of tropical sea life are astounding and the depths are relaxing 25 ft. to 65 ft.

A vertical Stone wall at the south tip of te island is 100 ft high above the sea level and continuous down to 60 ft  also in vertical drop into the ocean to the bottom. Drifting along this Wall  we find several swim throughs, a pinacle rock, a large death-end cave with air pocket.

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