Scuba & Snorkeling Los Arcos


Scuba & Snorkeling Los Arcos


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Los Arcos is located near Mismaloya Beach 5.5 nautical miles south from Puerto Vallarta and presents a distinctive and unique feature among all the dive sites in Puerto Vallarta, the 800ft vertical wall off the west side of the rock arches were we find two different dive sites:

El Cañon (The Canyon) and La Quijada del Diablo (The Devil’s Jaw) drop off starts in 60 ft and the 10 minute dive tour along the wall hapens between 80ft and 120 ft deep.

El Aquario (The Aquarium) in 30 to 40 feet were shallow waters hold a great deal of tropical sea life including sea horses, zebra moray eels, eagle rays, schools of yellow tail surgions, snappers and lots more.

Las Lajas (the slabs) in 40 ft were small schools of eagle rays feed from the sandy bottoms and green turtles rest in the bottom slabs.

El Bajo del Cristo (submergue rock) in 30 to 80 ft were tons of tropical fish and all kinds of sea life inhabit the volcanic reefs and pinnacles. This site attracts a large amount of snappers, parrot fish, zebra moray eels, yellow tail surgeons, nudibranches and many other creatures.

One of the guides will stay in shallow waters (25 to 40ft) for those seeking a long and relaxing dive... the other guide will start in shallow waters and swim off to a wall dive or a drift dive with those looking for a more challenging dive.  You are welcome to join the wall dive as long as you demonstrate enough experience, the second dive is a drift dive to El bajo del cristo, a pinacle with depths from 20ft.  to 80ft. We stay one hour in each reef to scuba dive and snorkel.

We use a 40 ft catamaran with large bathroom, lots of shade, extra-large ladders to get in and out of the water,   20 feet wide shallow draft platform at only 1 feet  from the water surface for easy entries and exits, we also use a fast 27 ft panga for smalll groups... the most comfortable boats to  scuba diving and snorkel in Puerto Vallarta.

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  • Los Arcos 1 dive $89.00 USD
  • Los Arcos 2 dives $98.00 USD
  • Los Arcos snorkel adult $40.00 USD
  • Los Arcos passenger $20.00 USD
  • Los Arcos snorkeling Kid 5 to 11 $20.00 USD



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