Advanced Scuba Diving Expeditions


Advanced Scuba Diving Expeditions


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Some of the sites we pick for the scuba expeditions are located in the mouth of the bay and some out of the bay in the Pacific Ocean, these unprotected and unpredictable waters offer great opportunities to encounter large pelagic life, such as the great pacific manta, sail fish, wahoo, dolphins, galapago shark, white tip reef shark, very large schools of jacks among a great variety of tropical fish.

In these sites we have experience the rare visits of Whale Sharks on their migratory path to southern pacific waters

These sites are best to dive from July to November when the waters of the Pacific Ocean are blue and warm. 30 logged dives are required to engage the dive expeditions and at least a couple of dive within the last 12 months

Weather Issues: During the last 5 years weather conditions outside the bay have become extreme and  very unpredictable starting late November (winter arrival) until June (end of spring) El Morro, Los Anegados, Chimo, La Corbeteña and Las Iglesias are consider weather unpredictable.

1. - Some of the sea life moves inside the bay from December to April.

2. - Diving is very limited by strong surge caused by cold fronts during winter months, swim throughs and caves are imposible to penetrate.

3. - Ripping currents during December/January and May/June will keep us from diving the best dive sites and most of the times the boat will turn back to dive inside the bay.

4. - Strong winds during February/March/April/May could form up to 15 foot waves compromising safety.

5. - Visibility could become limited and you will not be able to admire the amazing volcanic formations.

We do have some good days in between... it is best to plan at least one week in advanced if you visit between December and june.

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Chimo, La Corbeteña & Las Iglesias:

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Sun block, sunglasses, cap, long sleeved t shirt, Dramamine.