Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Scuba diving and Snorkeling take place along the southern shores of the bay and the best dive sites are located within Puerto Vallarta's  Underwater Reserve including Los Arcos, Mismaloya, Caletas, Majahuitas, Marietas Islands, llos Anegados & El Morro. Huge boulders, slopy bottoms, dramatic volcanic formations, tunnels, caves, swim throughs, canyons, pinnacles, shallow coves, drop offs, wall dives, rock arches, drift diving, blue water diving and because all the scuba sites  located next to the rocky points, coves, rock arches; shallow waters for snorkeling are right next to scuba diving sites… The biodiversity is pretty amazing and you can encounter a large array of species like: sea horses, nudibranches, octopus, zebra moray eel, angelfish, surgeons, butterfly, jacks, snappers, sea chub, spade fish, dolphin fish, grunts, damsels, chromis, sea bass, parrot fish, wrasses, razor fish, cardinals, big eye, squirrel, gobies,blennies, jaw fish, flounders, lizard fish, box fish, trigger fish, puffers, pipe fish, cornet fish, snake eels, look down, moorish idols, barracuda, eagle rays, sting rays, many green turtles and the most popular of all... the giant pacific manta.

  • Scuba & Snorkel Caletas

    Scuba & Snorkel Caletas

    149.00 US

    Las Caletas and Majahuitas are among the nices beaches in the bay nested in small coves, clear warm waters and great to scuba dive, snorkel, kayaking, paddle board and relaxing on Las Caletas all inclusive beach hideaway.

  • Scuba & Snorkeling Los Arcos

    Scuba & Snorkeling Los Arcos

    98.00 US

    Los Arcos Underwater Reserve holds the largest population of sea life including: sea horses, nudibranches, octopus, zebra moray eel, angelfish, surgeon fish, butterfly fish, jacks, snappers, sea chub, spadefish, dolphin fish, grunts, damsels, chromis, sea

  • Scuba & Snorkel Marietas Islands

    Scuba & Snorkel Marietas Islands

    98.00 US

    The Marietas Islands are located in the mouth of Bandera’s Bay at 22 nautical miles west of Puerto Vallarta. There are 3 spectacular swim through tunnels in this site and you will be able to enjoy this dive if weather permitting, this site is locate

  • Advanced Scuba Diving Expeditions

    Advanced Scuba Diving Expeditions

    129.00 US

    Advanced diving tours and expeditions in Puerto Vallarta: Chimo, El Morro, Los Anegados, Las Iglesias and La Corbeteña.

  • Learn to scuba dive

    Learn to scuba dive

    45.00 US

    Take our scuba lesson anyday from 8.30 am to 9.30 am and our 10am to 3pm dive tour to Los Arcos. Only we offer the unique opportunity to credit your scuba lesson and your first 2 dives towards your certification dive course!! 2 more dives...