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Scuba diving Los Arcos $ 98 usd

Snorkeling Los Arcos same boat $ 40 usd

Scuba Lessons and dive Los Arcos $ 109 usd

3 day open water certifiation program $ 335 usd


Most of our diving and snorkeling tours take place among PUERTO VALLARTA’S UNDERWATER RESERVE, a stretch of coast located in the south of the bay between Los Arcos and Yelapa were we have 20+ Scuba diving and snorkeling sites to pick from: Los Arcos, Mismaloya, Boca, Colomitos, Quimixto, Caletas, Caletillas, Majahuitas, Cerro Bola, Colimillas and Yelapa. Sea life is abundant and diversity of bottom structure is quiet attractive, some sites feature drop offs, shallow reefs, sloppy bottoms, small shallow coves, pinnacles, Volcanic rock formations, drift diving, blue water diving and cave diving.

The Great Pacific Mantas swim the waters of Banderas Bay between July and November, when the weather conditions are best and the dive sites located in the Pacific Ocean, such as: El Morro, Chimo, Los Anegados, Las Iglesias, Potrerillo and La Corbeteña are world class to scuba dive.

Our daily half day scuba diving/snorkeling tour at the under water reserve is available everyday from 10am to 3pm and we use a fast 27 ft boat for small groups and/or  38 ft Catamaran specially designed for diving and snorkeling with large ladders, bathroom, lots of shade and all the safety devices at hand.

Scuba diving and snorkeling tours are what we have been doing since 1968 here in Puerto Vallarta, we have lived all of our lives guiding scuba diving and snorkeling tours. We conduct our diving services in a very relaxing ambiance were safety is provided in a gentle manner, we go the extra mile to make you feel at home and you will not be a reservation number with Chico’s Dive Shop.

In order to scuba dive and snorkel the best out of Puerto Vallarta and see the most of sea life, we need to be aware and understand every aspect in the daily weather pattern surrounding the area, including the oceanic currents, the continental shore winds, the moon effects, the seasonal changes on the local currents and the arriving swells caused by storms in the northeast pacific and moreover be aware of the unpredictability in the weather.

It is clear we have to adapt our activities around weather conditions and this is precisely what we do at Chico's Dive Shop. We pick the best available dive sites in the bay, were conditions are best and sea life is abundant the same morning of the tour.

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